2012 IC Design Contest at YZU

Submission Deadline (繳交期限):  December 07, 2012

Awards (獎勵):

Ranking (排名) Award (獎勵)
1st place (第一名) NT$5,000
2nd place (第二名) NT$4,000
3rd place (第三名) NT$3,000
4th place (第四名) NT$1,000
5th place (第五名) NT$1,000
6th place (第六名) NT$1,000

Design Problem (競賽題目):

Please click here to see the design problem.

Ranking Policy (評分標準):

Submission Details (繳交項目細節):

    You must submit a tar ball (whose file name is <student_ID_number>.tar.gz) by either uploading the tar ball to YZU Portal or by emailing the tar ball to ilun.tseng@gmail.com. Also, the tar ball must include following files:

  1. The SPICE netlist(s)/deck(s) for your schematic and pre-layout simulations.

  2. The complete physical layout of your design in GDS/GDSII file format.

  3. The SPICE netlist(s)/deck(s) for your extracted netlist(s) and post-layout simulations.

  4. A report in PDF format.

References (參考資料):


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