HSpice Tutorial #5

An NMOS Amplifier with Sine Wave Input

Notice: The first line in the .sp file must be a comment line or be left blank.

Notice: HSpice is case insensitive.


SPICE file: "nmos_amp_02.sp"

* The MOSFET Amplifier
* page 344, Figures 7.19, 7.20, 7.21, 7.22
* A. Agarwal and J. Lang, "Foundations of Analog and Digital Electronic
* Circuits," Elsevier, 2005


R1 Vs OUT 10k
M1 OUT G 0 0 NCH L=1u W=10u


VDD Vs 0 5V

VIN G 0 SIN ( 2.1V 0.01V 1k )

.TRAN 0.05ms 6ms




Use CosmosScope to open the ".tr0" file and then display the waveforms of "v(g)" and "v(out)".


Use your mouse and Drag the signal "v(g)" to the place beneath "v(out)" on the right of the "Graph0" window. The two waveforms will be merged together as shown below.


last update: October 30, 2009