HSpice Tutorial #3

I-V Characteristics of a PMOS Transistor

Notice: The first line in the .sp file must be a comment line or be left blank.

Notice: HSpice is case insensitive.


SPICE file: "pmos_iv_01.sp"

* pmos_iv_01.sp

.lib 'hspice.lib' tt
.GLOBAL gnd! vdd!

Vgs g vdd! 0
Vds d vdd! 0

M1 d g vdd! vdd! Pch W=0.42um L=0.18um

Vvdd vdd! 0 1.8v
Vgnd gnd! 0 0v

.DC Vds -1.8 0 0.05 SWEEP Vgs -1.8 0 0.3




Use CosmosScope to open the ".sw0" file and then display the waveform of "i(m1)".


last update: October 22, 2009