[ UQ GDSII Viewer - version 1.0.2 ]

This program can display VLSI layouts (in GDSII Stream Format) on the screen. It was implemented in Java. Therefore, it can be run on virtually all of the platforms. You have to have Java SDK or JRE installed on your computer before running the program.

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Machine Type / Processor / OS


sun4u / sparc / SunOS 5.8


PC / Pentium (x86) / Red Hat Linux 9

PC / Pentium (x86) / Windows XP


[ How to Use ] 

  1. First, download the file.
  2. Second, decompress the downloaded file "UQgdsview.zip" to a directory.
  3. Third, choose one of the following options: 


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[ History ]



Apr. 23, 2005 First working version was implemented. Not all of the record types are supported. The program is very slow for large designs.
Apr. 26, 2005  Added status bar for displaying window coordinates & GDSII coordinates.
Added the "View" Menu which includes Show All, Zoom In, and Zoom Out.
Added the file chooser dialog box.
Added the "Help" menu (version 1.0).
The program runs very slowly for GDSII layout size > 6MB.
To Do: I need to come up with some algorithms to transform a Path to a Polygon.
Apr. 27, 2005 To Do: Support SREF-->ANGLE.
Apr. 29, 2005 Added a hash table but the display speed is still slow. It is probably due to that the layout view is flattened in the program (all SREF's are displayed). If the problem cannot be solved, I have to limit the SREF depth in each view.
May 01, 2005 Supported SREF-->ANGLE.
May 05, 2005 Added a progress bar. Display JFrame window in another thread.
Sep. 12, 2005
  • Added color to the layout. To choose a color, please modify the file "color.txt". It should be very trivial (the fields: layer_number, Red, Green, Blue, Alpha) of how to change the layer color. You can also toggle the view of layers.
  • You can also toggle the view of cells, and view the cell hierarchy.
  • I have also enhanced the display speed a little bit. The speed-up mainly occurs while we are moving the Layout View, or scrolling the view by moving the positions of scroll bars. Zoom-In and Zoom-Out still take a long time.
  • The GDSII_to_ASCII and ASCII_to_GDSII translators are also built into the viewer. See "Translate" in the menu of the program.