[ GDSII Hex Dump ]

This program can dump the Hexadecimal code from the GDSII Stream Format to a text file. You can download the program HERE. The program can be run on Red Hat Linux 9. For other platforms, you can Email me and I will try to build one for you. To report a bug or ask questions about this program, please also Email me.


[ Usage ]

    % gunzip GDSII_Hex_Dump.linux.binary.gz
    % mv GDSII_Hex_Dump.linux.binary GDSII_Hex_Dump
    % chmod +x GDSII_Hex_Dump
    % GDSII_Hex_Dump < "your_GDSII_file"        (via standard input)


[ History ]



March 18, 2005 First working version was implemented.