This program can translate GDSII Stream Format into ASCII format (in text file) which is very similar to THIS format, but is slightly different. The program is implemented in Java language and can be downloaded below. You have to have Java SDK or JRE installed on your computer before running the program. To report a bug or ask questions about this program, please Email me. Any feedback is more than appreciated.

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[ Usage ] 

For Windows (XP) users, please click on "Start --> Run..." of your computer. Then type "cmd" followed by clicking "OK" to invoke the DOS prompt window. After that, execute the following command.

    % java -jar gdsii2ascii.jar GDSII_input_file

The output of the program is via standard output. Therefore, you can output the result to a file by using ">" symbol. For example:

    % java -jar gdsii2ascii.jar GDSII_input_file > output_file.txt


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Apr 28, 2005 First working version was implemented.
Aug 15, 2005 Created this web page.