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This program can translate text file layout (which is very similar to KEY format) to GDSII layout. It was implemented in Java. Therefore, it can be run virtually on all of the platforms. You have to have Java SDK or JRE installed on your computer before running the program.

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Machine Type / Processor / OS


sun4u / sparc / SunOS 5.8


PC / Pentium (x86) / Red Hat Linux 9

PC / Pentium (x86) / Windows XP


[ Usage ] 

        % java -jar ascii2gdsii.jar  <  "your_ASCII_layout_file"        (via standard input)

A GDSII file with file name "DEFAULT.gds" will then be generated


[ History ]



May 01, 2005 First working version was implemented. Not all of the record types are supported.